About Young Divas mobile Spa parties for girls

Young girls in our society don’t have it easy.  There’s the pressure to always live up to the worlds perception of beauty, and to fit in.  And for many parents, these pressures can make it challenging to instill a sense of self worth in their young girls on her way to becoming a young woman.

​Young Divas is a mobile spa party company that seeks to promote natural beauty and build self-esteem in young girls aged 4-16 through parties, pampering and events for all occasions, including birthday parties, quinceañeras, and events for all occasions. Young Divas was  Established by Sabrina Young in 2008 and contiinuing to grow each day.


Our Mission: In a time when most families have full schedules with work, school, sports and whatever else we try to fit on our plates, Young Divas gives parents and opportunity to relax and give their daughters an experience they will never forget.  The young ladies are taught at an early age to take care of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Studies show that when you look good you feel good. The objective is to get this behavior started early on so that it will become second nature to our young girls.  Although our Spa parties and events are full of fun, they also make our girls feel confident inside and out. 

Meet the owner: My name is Sabrina Young I am a mother of three and while all three children are boys, I have always a passion for little girls.  I saw how the generations have changed and how kids are stressed out at an unbelievable early age. Peer pressure and the need to fit in is making it harder for our youth to maintain a positive self image. I saw a need to make a change. I did not learn the importance of pampering myself until I was an adult and although I loves it, what I realized is how important it is to take a minute out of the daily hussle and take time for myself. Having 15 years of experience in event planning, I thought what could be better than having fun and being pampered at the same time.


About the Logo: The Young Divas logo has much meaning. The color pink is very girly and purple represents royalty. I believe that we are Queens and Princesses in the eyes of God. The crown sits high up on the letter Y in Young and this represents where every young lady should position her standards and level of self-esteem. If you love and feel highly of yourself it makes it that much harder for anyone to bring you down.  The Diamond that dots the I in Divas means that when gems are found they are usually dirty and need some polishing, they come in all shapes sizes and colors and no matter how they are found when you see them in the store they are always glowing and beautiful. This simply means that no matter what you have gone through or how you may think you look it’s not the outside that counts, underneath there is a beautiful person polished just like a Diamond. God made everyone different for a reason.